BMTI's IC Packaging and Testing Service


Beijing Microelectronics Technology Institute (BMTI), with its IC packaging and testing production line, specializes in high reliable IC packaging, testing, screening, reliability examination and failure analysis services. We will rely on advanced technology and equipment, good corporate reputation, professional service to provide customers with high reliable IC one-stop service.

Service Capability of Full-custom Package Design

We are committed to full-custom substrate design, SI/PI simulation analysis, structural reliability simulation analysis and thermal simulation analysis of integrated circuits ceramic packages.

Full-Custom Package Design

Package Design

Highest Frequency: 12Gbps

Maximum Number of Interconnects: 10155

Minimum Interconnect Pitch: 147μm

Maximum Size: 52mm×52mm


Simulation Analysis

SI Simulation Capability: insertion loss/return loss analysis, parasitic parameters analysis, timing analysis, eye-diagram analysis, etc.

PI Simulation Capability: IR drop analysis, current density analysis, frequency-domain impedance of PDN analysis, decoupling capacitor analysis, harmonic analysis, etc.

Model Extraction Format: IBIS, SPICE, SnP, etc.

Simulation Analysis Error: 10%

Structural-Mechanics Simulation Analysis

Simulation Capability: thermal cycling, frequency-sweep vibration, constant acceleration and mechanical shock

Package Type: FC-CCGA, WB-BGA, SIP

Maximum package size: 52mm×52mm

Thermal Simulation Analysis

Simulation Capability: Rjc/Rjb/Rja analysis, thermal dissipation analysis

Simulation Measurement Error: less than 10%

Maximum Power: 82W

Minimum Design Rjc: 0.35K/W

Service Capability of Packaging/Assembly Center

BMTI is equipped with world-class ceramic packaging processing capabilities, including wire bonded ceramic packaging production line, flip-chip packaging production line, power device and hybrid module packaging production line. All production lines have passed National Military Standard GJB597 and GJB7400 standard certification, and can provide packaging services for all types of ceramic packaging substrates and plastic packaging substrates including but not limited to: TO, SMD, CDIP, CLCC, CPGA, CQFP, WB-CBGA, FC-CBG, FC-CCGA. The quality level can meet the national military standard B level or space YB level, which can also be packaged and produced according to user-customized requirements. It has the packaging/assembly capabilities of ultra-large-scale monolithic integrated circuits, hybrid integrated circuits, three-dimensional assembly and micro-systems, power devices and optoelectronic devices. The annual packaging capacity is more than 1 million pieces.

Monolithic integrated circuit wire bond packaging process capability

Wafer thinning

4/6/8/12 inch wafer thinning.

The minimum thickness of the thinned: the equipment capacity can reach 25μm, and the minimum product is 200μm.

Die saw

4/6/8/12 inch die saw.

Minimum saw channel width:60μm, the recommended saw channel width of the product is 120μm.

Die attach

Resin adhesive(conductive/non-conductive adhesive)Alloy solder piecesDDF film

Chip size:0.5mm´0.5mm24mm´24mm.

Chip stacking layers:≥8.

Wire Bonding

Gold wire: Wire diameter18μm50μm.

Aluminum wire: Wire diameter25μm75μm and 100μm500μm.

Layer of bonding fingers:16.

Maximum number of bonding wires: 1000.


Melt welding sealParallel seam weldingStored Energy welding


Pad stampInkjet MarkingLaser Marking

Monolithic integrated circuit flip-chip packaging process capability


Wafer size: 12MaxComposition: PbSnSnAgSAC etc.

Diameter: Φ60μm300μmPitch: 120μm Min

Flip chip

Chip size: 3mm×3mm50m×50mm

CompositionPbSnSnAgCu Pillar etc.

Device structures: HermeticNon-hermetic

Substrate: HTCCLTCCPlastic


Ball Size0.3mm0.9mm

Composition: PbSnSnAgSAC etc.

Substrate: HTCCLTCCPlastic

Coplanarity: 150μm Max


Column size:Φ0.51mm/H:2.21mm

Composition: 80Pb20Sn90Pb10Sn


Coplanarity:100μm Min

Power devices and Hybrid Modules packaging process capability

Glass sealed diode

Packaging formD5AD5BD5DD3DD3Emetallurgical bondingCategory I

Sealing methodGlass hermetic packageElectrode weldingAlloy solder

Power devices

Sealing methodTO-18TO-39TO-66TO-254TO-257TO-258TO-259SMD-0.5SMD-1SMD-2

Chip solderingAlloy solder

Bonding ability100μm250μm380μm

Sealing methodResistance Welding

Diode array

Packaging formFP16Solder compositionAuSnAgPbSnNano silver

Number of chips816Bonding abilityGold wireAluminum wire

System in package/ Micro assembly

Mixed assembly

Chip thickness:≥200μm

Chip gap: ≥1mm

Component size080506030402 etc.

Component number≤500

2.5D packaging

Silicon interposer size25mm×25mm

Micro-bump number≤20000

Active chip number≤8

Active chip size≤22mm×20mm

3D packaging

Chip size≤10mm×10mm

Chip thickness≥100μm

TSV diameter≥10μm

TSV pitch≥300μm

Stacked layer10 layers

Service Capability of Testing Center

With domestic leading circuit test and reliability experiment ability, the Testing Center supports the test program development, production and quality assurance services of core signal processor such as 100 million gate FPGA, high performance processor, high speed and high resolution converter etc. Moreover, it has more than 40 sets of high-performance ATE such as UltraFLEX and V93000, and 2048 channels, which can meet the requirements of all kinds of VLSI wafer test and final test.


Integrated Circuit Test

Business Category

CP TestWafer Test):4-12 inchesPCM parameters and ESD/LatchUp testthe test program development and design verification

Test Capability

2048 channelsfrequency 1.6Gbps256M vector memory, 60Gbps high-speed data rate

Arbitrary Waveform Generator(AWG): 24bits precision,500Msps sampling rate;  Digitizer: 24bits precision, 200Msps sampling rate



The Testing Center has complete screening and quality conformance inspection capabilities for VLSI and discrete components for military/aerospace applications. It has passed CNAS and DILAC qualification certification, and has the guarantee conditions of environment, machinery, life and other reliability tests that meet the requirements of the national military standard, with an annual capacity of more than 1 million.

Reliability Testing

Burn-in Tests

Burn-in/Life characterization testsintegrated circuit

Frequency: 1Hz300MHz; Voltage:0.518V;

Temperature: 25150

High temperature reverse bias / Block life (Discrete device)

Voltage: 0V2000V; Temperature: 25200

Power burn-in / Steady-state life

(Discrete device)

Forward current:0A6A;Reverse voltage0V2000V

Mechanical Tests

Constant acceleration

Maximum acceleration:30000g

Mechanical shock

Minimum pulse width:0.2ms;

Maximum acceleration:5000g

Vibration fatigue

Thrust2.67KN;Maximum acceleration:110g;


Environment Tests

Stabilization bake


Thermal shock


Temperature cycling

High temperature:200;Low temperature:-65

Moisture resistance







Service Capability of Failure Analysis

In 1999, BMTI’s Testing Center acquired the qualification of "Large and VLSI testing and failure analysis center" authorized by Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, and it owns the comprehensive analysis ability of semiconductor device failure analysis, defect location, DPA, Structure analysis, electrical performance classification, thermal performance analysis and so on.


Failure Analysis

Failure analysis

Appearance inspection, I-V characteristic test, EMMI/OBIRCH/IR thermograph and other failure point location, morphology micro-analysis, metallographic analysis, FIB ,SEM, and ESD analysis


External visual inspection, PIND inspection, ultrasonic scanning, X-ray, internal atmosphere inspection, internal visual inspection, bonding strength, chip shear strength, SEM

Structure analysis

Marking, shell, outer lead and other packaging shell analysis, bonding system analysis and evaluation chip bonding analysis and assessment, chip structure analysis and appraisal

Electric characteristic analysis

Anti-static ability testing, anti-latching ability testing and semiconductor parameter analysis

Thermal analysis

Production qualification of heat distribution and resistance test


Production Qualifications

u   GJB9001C-2017 Quality Control System

u   VLSI National Military Standard Assembly Line

u  Laboratory Accreditation Certificate authorized by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment

u  China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Reliability Testing Center - China Aerospace Times Electronics Corporation Sub-Center

u  China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Large and VLSI Testing Failure Analysis Center