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The copyright of the content, including the Product Catalog and Datasheets, is owned by Beijing Microelectronics Technology Institute(hereinafter "BMTI"), and the intellectual property rights and other rights and licenses owned by BMTI or any third party shall not be transferred.

Content on this Site is subject to update without prior notice in combination with the experiences of all users. Please make sure to get the latest version of the content through the official public network(www.bmti.com.cn or WeChat Public account) or contact us to get it prior to selecting and using our products. In case of any doubt about the content, please contact us.

The Catalog and Datasheets on this site are provided solely for the selection and use of BMTI products, and the information and products contained will not serve as the basis for meeting users' overall requirements. please be sure to evaluate in combination with users' overall system. Except for the instructions in the Datasheet, please do not accept third party guidance or refer to third party materials to operate the corresponding products of BMTI.

BMTI shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses due to abnormal operation and damage of products caused by users' failure to strictly store or use our products in accordance with the latest Product Datasheet or accepting the guidance or referring to any third party.

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