Beijing Microelectronics Technology Institute (BMTI), founded in 1994,is an important unit of China Academy of Aerospace Electronics Technology affiliated with China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. BMTI is a major R&D entity of military and space qualified microelectronic components in China. Headquarter is located in Beijing and sub-branch in Xi’an. BMTI has over 1000 employees and is facilitated with domestic leading integrated circuit design center, packaging &testing & failure analysis center and discrete device manufacturing line. BMTI is qualified with certifications of GJB9001C-2017 quality system control, military large scale integrated circuit assembly line, military standard diode/ transistor assembly line and Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) and environment management.

With aerospace microelectronics technology as the core, aiming at the research and development of monolithic integrated circuit, microsystem and module and discrete semiconductor devices, BMTI has successfully established 16 series and over 600 types of space/military qualified ICs, including Microprocessor and SoC, FPGA, memory, ADC/DAC, bus and interface, logic, RF and MMIC, power management, ASIC and discrete devices. With the complete microelectronics product family, BMTI has strongly supported the development in fields such as aerospace, aviation, electronics, voyage, armament, nuclear industry, etc.

Based on advanced radiation hardening IC design technology, BMTI has supplied markets around the world with high-end space electronics components, high performance radiation hardened IP and ASIC design service, high reliable ceramic package design and packaging service and testing and reliability examination services for high performance ICs. At present, over 50 types of BMTI’s products and technologies, such as radiation hardened FPGA, radiation hardened ADC/DAC, radiation hardened SRAM, radiation hardened bus and radiation hardened IP, have been exported to Russia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Pakistan, and Hongkong, which have supported many space companies worldwide.

    Aiming to build a world-class aerospace microelectronics enterprise, BMTI devotes full efforts to customers and provides efficient technical services and high quality products. BMTI is your trustful business partner!